Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get Press For Your New Project!


Hey Bands, Musicians, Recording Studios, Record Labels, Whoever!

If you need press materials, like a bio for your press kit, or a press release to help spread the word about an upcoming show or release, visit PopSkoole and let me help you. Let me help you NOW!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Think! Eat! Act! A Sea Shepherd Chef’s Vegan Cookbook

Check out my review of the Think! Eat! Act! cookbook and my interview with author and animal rights activist, Raffa Tolicetti, here at Green Action News.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kind Words from Quimby's

Years ago former Chicago-based Chris Auman used to regularly drop of copies of his newsprint zine Reglar Wiglar at Quimby's for the free section, and it never failed to make me chuckle. I remember one time he printed a letter from some guy who was angry that he was being sent Reglar Wiglar in the mail, and he wished to be removed from the mailing list. The editorial response was a congratulations that this reader's letter was selected as letter of the month, so it got to be published, and the prize was a free subscription to Reglar Wiglar. Genius. Chris moved to Madison and went digital with his zine, but this new issue is the first print one in almost ten years. It is hilarious of course, and I think you'll agree: blowing his allowence on Space Invaders, analyzing which numbers are awesome, hungover poetry, why you should appreciate Flock of Seagulls, Donald Trump vs Metallica and more. -LM

Buy RW#22 from Quimby's in person or by clicking here!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cassetty Gets a Mug Shot!

The Reglar Wiglar Store has been slowly cranking out great new products. For example, check out the quality Cassetty mug to your left. Thanks go to Cassetty fan, Dan Kiss, for sending in this mug shot of his favorite coffee mug. Get your own shiny Cassetty mug here. And don't forget to enjoy some Cassetty Comics while you enjoy your morning coffee.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reglar Wiglar #22 Now On Sale in Chicago & Madison

The new issue of my long-running humor zine, Reglar Wiglar (the first printed edition since 2005!) is now on sale at Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago, IL and Rainbow Bookstore in Madison, WI. This issue features Part 1 of my long history of employment plus Forgotten Music Masters, a History of Music, Donald Trump reviews Metallica, comics and more! Buy it immediately!